Will Pop Up Displays Help Me Present My Business More Effectively

One of the most important decisions you can make with regards to trade shows is your pop up displays. Disaster can strike if something goes wrong with your booth, this will also mean you risk losing money and effort that you have spent setting up. Pop up displays are a reliable and professional way to add prestige to your booth.

Displays are assembled by using a metal frame that is usual lightweight for manoeuvrability and this is then cover with fabric or a fabric like material with your advertising message printed on. The first thing you need to consider is size. The starter size for pop up displays is usually eight feet wide. This can be expanded up to 20 feet for larger booths. If you attend shows with varying booth sizes then it would be recommended to either purchase a selection of size, or if you are on a tighter budget, the smallest size so it can fit into any show you visit.

Displays also come in different shapes. A right-angled display with a curved corner can give your booth a nice continuous background and make the most of a small exhibit. For added privacy or an even more striking effect when visiting shows with bigger booth, you may want to consider double-sided displays which can fill up your space giving you booth a professional feel and also providing you with some privacy for talking with potential clients.

The best pop up displays should be able to be easily assembled without the need for tools. Constructing a display that will only be up for one day is a waste of time. The graphic panel can be attached to the frame with magnets or by a spring-loaded roller. The whole display can be packed away into a small case. Look at the collapsed size. It should be small enough to take onto an airplane as carry-on luggage. By carrying your displays on your person, you can ensure that the risk of damage or theft is minimised.

Flexi-plastic or fabric will usually be used to display your message on your pop up displays. Have a look at some material sample before ordering your prints to make sure you are getting the professional look for you pop up displays. The end results should be bright, colourful and professionally presented. It is a good idea to make sure your displays can be seen from a distance, to do this choose big bold fonts and pictures and lively colours.

If you have good pop up displays you should be able to use them in a diverse range of situations. Practically anywhere can be transformed with the use of good pop up displays. Be prepared for your next trade show by choosing the right design for your pop up display.

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