Best clip-on sunglasses brands to buy this year

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Most people know what sunglasses are and how to use them, but many have never heard of clip-on sunglasses in Sri Lanka.

Clip-ons are a type of glasses that can be worn with any outfit because they don’t have hinges or frames. They work by clipping onto your ears, nose, or hair. While some might think this is strange at first glance, it actually makes sense when you consider the benefits that come with these glasses:

One of the best things about clip-ons is their convenience in terms of size. When not being used, they can be folded up into a small case and taken anywhere without having to worry about damaging them in transit (or losing them).
Another benefit is that they’re cheap!

The best brands to purchase are Maui Jims because their lenses have been tested by NASA scientists and found to give superior eye protection–they can also provide up to 100% UVA/UVB radiation absorption levels. The other two top brands are Rayban (who offers some great colours) and Grayline Clear Clip On women’s Sunglasses in Sri Lanka (which offer polarized tinting). Taking these characteristics into consideration should help people decide on the best pair of clip-on sunglasses for your needs.

The best types to buy are the clip-on sunglasses with a frame, as they will not only be more durable but also offer better coverage of your eyes and nose


Remember that if you plan on using these in water, make sure there’s some type of sealant or coating so that it doesn’t rust, especially if you’re buying expensive ones! The frames should ideally be non-magnetic stainless steel too since other metals can corrode when wet.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Website Design

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Website designing company in Delhi, you acknowledge that creating your designs useful and entertaining is your top priority.

First, the do’s

Keep your interface consistent

One of the highest principles of excellent UX is to stay the interface consistent throughout the whole product. The look and feel of your website designing company in delhi should be consistent across all of your site’s pages. Stability of navigation, color schemes, typefaces, and magnificence of writing can have a positive impact on usability and UX.

Do. Esquire’s design is consistent for all its pages.

Practical tip: Make design usable first. Consistency may be a double-edged sword. If your website isn’t designed correctly initially, then to form other parts of it consistent will lead to consistently poor design. Thus, make design usable first, and then make it consistent.

Design easy-to-use navigation

Navigation is that the cornerstone of usability. It’s the most interaction technique on the web. Having good website designing company in delhi is crucial for ensuring that visitors can find what they’re searching for.

Practical tips:

Keep top-level navigation for the essential navigation options. Build sub-navigation with clear categorization. Use clear labels for navigation options. Use familiar words for menu options to assist visitors understand them better.

Reduce the quantity of your time required for users to induce to the destination. Design your navigation in an exceedingly way that gets visitors where they require to travel with the smallest amount number of clicks possible. When designing an internet site, remember the three-click rule, which says that your viewers should never be quite three clicks removed from what they’re searching for.

Include navigation options within the footer of your site. Footer could be a place where visitors expect to seek out navigation options and get in touch with information.

Change the color of visited links

Links play an important role within the navigation process. When visited links don’t change color, users could unintentionally revisit the identical pages repeatedly. Knowing your past and present locations makes it easier to make a decision where to travel next.

Make it easy to scan your pages

When users visit your site they’re more likely to quickly scan the page instead of read everything on that. And you, as a designer, can help them therewith by designing good visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy mention to the presentation of elements in a very way that means importance  e.g. where they eyes should focus first, second, etc.

Avoid walls of text. Chunk your information into groups to create it easier to digest visually.

Put more visual weight on important elements. Make important elements like call-to-action buttons or login forms focal points so visitors see them straight away. You’ll be able to emphasize elements using different sizes or colors.

Mail chimp design the foremost important information on a page call-to-action buttons stands out.

Consider natural scanning patterns. People within the Western world usually read left to right and from top to bottom. A website designing company in india that goes against this pattern will present a learning curve for your visitors. Well-designed websites typically lay out their content in an exceedingly “F” reading shape or “Z” reading shape.

Stick to a grid layout. A grid layout allows you to prepare information during a way that produces it easier for visitors to read and comprehend information presented on the page. Use grid layout when designing web experiences. Do. Use grid layout when designing web experiences.

Take content seriously

Copy is simply as important because the design of your website. Over 95 percent of data on the net is within the sort of communication. Whether or not your site is beautifully designed, it’s no over an empty frame without good content; an honest website has both great design and great content. A designer’s job is to form sure that the look aids and complements the content.

Make sure the text on the web site has relevancy. Beside the point text doesn’t bring any value for your visitors and might easily confuse them. Strive to form copy where each line of text is valuable for your visitors.

The data written on your website designing company in india should be as simple and as plain as possible for straightforward comprehension. a secure bet is to write down for all levels of readers by picking words that are clearly and simply understandable to everybody.

Check your website for errors

A great piece of labor is easily tarnished by a tiny low error. Here are some common problems to bear in mind of:

Watch out for dead links. A user can easily become frustrated once they click a link on a site and receive a 404 error page in response.

Check your website for typos.

Make sure all media content is loading correctly  no broken images or videos.

Minimize the amount of choices

The number of choices people have affects their decisions; the more choices they need, the less action they take. After you present your user with too many options, you create them think an excessive amount of. To extend chances for interaction, it’s better to attenuate the quantity of choices.

Now, the don’ts

Don’t make users look forward to content to load

Loading time is extremely important for user experience. As technology progresses, we get more impatient, and today, 47 percent of users expect an online page to load in two seconds or less. If an internet page takes longer to load, visitors might become frustrated and leave the positioning. That’s why speed should be a priority when building an online application.

Avoid blank pages during loading. When fill up takes your time, examine displaying part of the content along with some style of visual feedback  like a pack indicator.

Optimize images. Images, especially large background images, can take plenty of your time to load. You’ll be able to significantly reduce the loading time by optimizing your images.

Measure your website’s current performance. Google’s Page Speed Insights and Think with Google tools not only facilitate your identify performance problems on your website, but they’re going to also propose solutions to certain problems.

Don’t open internal link in new tabs

Users expect various behaviors from internal and external connection up. All internal links should open within the same tab; this manner, you’ll allow users to use the “back” button. If you choose to open external links in an exceedingly new window, you ought to provide a complicated warning before automatically opening a replacement window or tab. This might take the shape of text added to the link text stating. “Opens in a very new window”.

Don’t use too many typefaces

When you start building a site, it’s always tempting to use plenty of various typefaces  five or six different fonts or maybe upload your own. But, it’s better to avoid that temptation. Too many variations in font types are often distracting, confusing, and borderline annoying. Too many fonts can conflict with one another and overwhelm your visitors.

When designing a web site give some thought to how be you able to make the typography powerful by wiggling with weight, not different fonts.

Don’t use too many colors on your website

It is better to avoid using too many colors in website designing in delhi. Applying color to a design contains a lot to try and do with balance, and, the more colors you utilize, the harder it’s to attain balance. Using too many colors in design is like trying to convey 1,000,000 feelings and messages directly, which may confuse the person viewing your design.

Don’t. Use too many colors in design.

It’s always better to stay the color scheme limited to some colors and keep it consistent across your site, unless you would like to spotlight some important section using color.

Practical tip: consider emotions you wish to evoke from your visitors. Knowing what feelings you wish to convey can facilitate your choose the correct combination. For instance, if you promote meditation products on your website, you won’t need a bright and loud color scheme.

Don’t show automatic pop-ups too early

A lot of internet sites show pop-up boxes with letter of invitation to subscribe as soon as you arrive on the page. As a designer, showing pop-up windows is perhaps one in every of the foremost annoying stuff you can do to someone visiting your website.

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Casagrand FirstCity- Providing a comfortable living

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Casagrand Builder Private Limited may be a land enterprise committed to putting together aspirations and delivering value. Within the last sixteenth years, we’ve developed over 30 million sq ft of prime residential land across Chennai, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore. Over 21,000 happy families across 110+ landmark properties stand testimony to our commitment. Within the sixteenth year of our journey, we at Casagrand are ready to progress further forward with projects worth over ¹8000 crores within the pipeline.

Casagrand Firstcity is strategically located in Sholinganallur and may be a well-planned project. it’s covers a sprawling area of 15 Acre. There are in total 1693 units during this project. it’s a beautifully constructed Residential property that’s bound to please you. The units are all Under Construction. The various sorts of units available are Flat, which are designed to supply complete satisfaction. The property units offer a cushty space, and vary in size from 2 BHK Flat (1240. 0 Sq. Ft. – 1264. 0 Sq. Ft. ), 3 BHK Flat (1360. 0 Sq. Ft. – 1962. 0 Sq. Ft. ), 4 BHK Flat (2322. 0 Sq. Ft. – 2325. 0 Sq. Ft. ). The costs of this meticulously planned project dwell in the range of Rs. 50. 9 Lac – 1. 38 Cr. This well-designed site has 2 towers, each with its own advantage. The project was launched on 01 September 2020. Its possession date is 01 November 2022. This project has been developed by the well-known builder Casagrand Builder Pvt. Ltd. At Casagrand Firstcity you get to enjoy the simplest of facilities and amenities, like Park, Kids Play Pool With Water Slides, swimming bath , Gymnasium, Barbeque Pit, Guest Accommodation, Kids Play Area. The entire address of the location is Sholinganallur, Chennai. Its pincode is 600119. Enjoy the comforts of living in Casagrand Firstcity with all modern conveniences at your disposal. Floor plans are the right thanks to understanding how the spaces/rooms of Casagrand Firstcity are structured and help provide a transparent picture of the house layout. The properties in Casagrand Firstcity are available in 3 configurations and eight varied layouts (or floor plans), with 2 BHK Flat present in 1240 and 1264 sq. ft super area. 3 BHK Flat present in 1360, 1371, 1446 and 1962 sq. ft super area. 4 BHK Flat present in 2322 and 2325 sq. ft super area. These configurations accompany bathrooms and balconies.

Sholinganallur is a longtime IT hub and a developing residential locality situated along the IT corridor along Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR)inSouth Chennai. The rapid climb of Sholinganallur’s economy, population and infrastructure are often attributed thereto business parks and Special Economic Zones along the corridor. Sholinganallur is surrounded by the areas of Perumbakkam, Karapakkam, Medavakkam, Pallikaranai, Semmancheri and Navalur. The residential developments here are primarily within the sort of apartments including Baashyaam Pinnacle Crest, BSCPL Bollineni Hillside, ASV Alexandria, Lancor TCP Altura, Ceebros Belvedere and Prestige Silver Springs, among others. it’s extensively connected through key roads of OMR, East Coast Road (ECR), Perumbakkam highway and Velachery-Tambaram Road. Tambaram railroad station is the nearest station situated at a distance of 14 km from the locality, whereas Chennai International Airport is 20 km away. Also, the proposed Metro Corridor 3 (Madhavaram-Sholinganallur) under Phase 2 of Chennai Metro would enhance connectivity within the region within the future . Social and retail infrastructure is well developed within the area and it’s many daily need stores and restaurants in Dollar Signal and OMR Food Street. It’s also accessible to nearby malls within 6 to eight km like Vivira Mall (Navalur), Marina Mall (Siruseri) and Mayajaal (Kanathur). samples of schools and hospitals nearby are Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher lyceum , Ramana Vidyalaya, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Jeppiaar Engineering College, Gleneagles Global Health City nadaSwaram Specialty Hospital. The locality is home to many IT parks and ELCOT SEZ, comprising offices of several IT majors like Cognizant Solutions, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Wipro, TCS and Infosys. Also, Sholinganallur is closely connected with SIPCOT IT Park situated in Siruseri. Hence, it’s a sought-after residential destination for working professionals employed within the IT corridor.

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All Present – How Business Health Insurance Can Help Reduce Absenteeism

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The Department of Heath’s Health at Work review presented to Parliament in November last year reported that up to 140 million working days are lost to sick leave every year- amounting to a loss of £15billion in economic output.

Most of us will suffer some form of illness during the course of our working life that will render us absent from the workplace. While it is not possible for any employer to completely eliminate sickness absenteeism, there are steps that can be taken that may help reduce employee absence from work, such as the introduction of business health insurance benefits.

In return for a regular premium business health insurance can offer employees access to private medical care for certain acute conditions. The benefits of private medical care include flexible access to treatment, making it easier to fit around work operations, and the bypassing NHS waiting lists which can help your employees get back on their feet and back to work more quickly.

It’s not just a loss of productivity that businesses are facing either, but sick pay costs money too- an estimated £9billion is spent on sick pay, associated costs and the “indirect costs of managing a business while people are off sick”, according to the Health at Work review.

There’s no doubt about it, sickness leave costs businesses money and productivity. Offering business health insurance could potentially reduce absenteeism, saving your business money on the associated costs. It can also boost staff morale and loyalty by letting your employees know that their health matters to you.

Business health insurance can be offered as part of a comprehensive benefits or flexible benefits package, or alternatively you can choose to offer business health insurance on a voluntary sign-up basis requiring employee to-ups. Even though employees will need to contribute the cost is likely to be far lower than taking out separate individual policies.

Regardless of the method you choose to finance your business health insurance plan it is usually purchased as a group policy and will pay out for a range of acute conditions should any named employees fall ill. Policies do not pay out for all conditions so you should be aware of the small print before proceeding.

Finding the right health insurance plan for your company can be a complex process and will depend of a range of factors from employee demographic to company size and budget. You may wish to speak to a business health insurance advisor who can help guide you through your options.

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How To Win in an Agent Interview? With Presentation, Passion and Personality

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1- Dress Right- go for the gold in your personal PRESENTATION.

It’s NOT the time for sloppy jeans or hip east village thrift shop clothes (unless that is YOUR TYPE). Dress with confidence like a movie star so that’s how they remember you and for Heaven’s sakes-if you’re female- wear make-up. I recently experienced seeing an actress with a gorgeous head shot-red hair, beautiful face and a movie star quality- arrive for an interview with no make-up in dowdy clothes looking shlubby because her roommate had told her to go “clean”, unmade-up and casual. If I were a casting director, I would NEVER call her again EVER, EVER! She would have lost dozens of potential jobs and a career from following that stupid misinformation! Look like you already booked a major film/TV job and are ON THE SET shooting it! LOOK FABULOUS.

2- Talk about your “Marketability”- your Unique qualities and how PASSIONATE you are about your career.

They can read your credits on your resume, your skills, hobbies and teachers, but what they NEED to know is HOW TO MARKET YOU. How are they going to make that paltry 10% commission for all the work they do to get you out to meet the industry and BOOK a job? Tell them! Make it easy. Even if you are not earning a lot currently as an actor, talk about the future, project your goals and dreams. Or talk about the most recent successful call back, something that says you are a Winner and LOVE what you do! After all, you are there to work together for your mutual successful future not your past.

We’ve interviewed dozens of agents in our Industry Tele-seminars and they almost all said the same thing. Strong credits and training naturally help but they don’t always care if you have an MFA in theater. They’re going on their own instincts. Do you have a unique personality,”look”, “quality” and passion about what you do? Most all overlook lack of experience in favor of the latter. So go prepared but be honest, sincere and have fun! If you’re afraid to talk to THEM how do you think you’ll fare talking to a tough Casting Director, a major Film Director or Producer to whom they’ll send you when you’re a client? They need to see your personality, persistence, enthusiasm and CONFIDENCE! Can you handle this career? If yes, then fine, they can work with you. Forget about the credits and training…that’s NOT the focus. IT’S ABOUT YOU.

3- Connect. Be yourself- let your PERSONALITY come through.

During the interview, if the conversation is going dry and you’ve run out of things to say about your “ideal roles” or goals in theater, TV and Film, LOOK AROUND THE ROOM. Is there anything that attracts your attention? Do you have anything in common with this person? Do you like their taste in Artwork? The Style of their office? What they’re wearing? What you’re wearing. Yes! this can be the tipping point. Talk about a recent show or film that you saw- maybe one of their clients was in it! The interview isn’t just about your credits, training or talent. It’s about YOU as a person. Are you likeable? Can they work with you on a daily basis-i.e., are you EASY to communicate with? And what are you interested in? (besides your career). Tell them. Bond. Find common ground about which you can talk. Enjoy the moment and the conversation. Everyone works with, supports and helps those they like, trust and know.

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Web TV Presents Your Business!

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While most would agree that video on the web is becoming a premier medium for promoting business, exactly how to go about leveraging this tremendously powerful and potentially profitable technology remains a mystery. Do you grab a video camera and some software and go the DIY route? Or do you hand the job off to a high-end television production company trying to glide out of the airwaves and into the online world?

And once you’ve got a video, where does it go? Facebook and YouTube? Or are they yesterday’s news? Maybe there’s some new whiz bang blogging or social media site you should be using to promote your video. If there is, where do you go to find out about that?

With so many choices, and potential pitfalls, it’s no wonder that many businesses are sitting on the fence. But really, online video is pretty easy to sort out if you start with the basics and build from there.

Let’s start with motivation. For the most part, people visit the web for two reasons: entertainment and information. As a savvy professional, you must tap into one of these two motives to gain the attention of your online audience.

So, how do you do that? In the past, it meant a static website. Many professionals still think along the same traditional lines they did years ago: publish a website with information about their product or service, add some photos, and optimize.

While this is the minimum a business must do to compete online, there are other factors to consider. Optimization, for example, has grown in popularity as a source for getting online traffic and is also growing in cost since the days of Overture for a penny a click. Getting visitors to your website requires multiple channels of engagement including; social networking, search engine optimization (organic or PPC), back linking, article placements, and more.

So what happens when you’ve done your due diligence with optimization and are getting visitors to your site but are still not getting the calls? In other words, how do you improve your website conversion rate? To learn more about that, let’s shift from online video to traditional television, where it all began.

Since the early 1950s, advertising agencies concluded that the best way to reach consumers, and turn them into customers, would be by creating shows around a company or brand. As with radio, which was supreme before television for selling product, these television programs were produced by advertising agencies for their clients rather than by production studios as is the norm today.

There are two types of television: scripted and unscripted. In the first category are shows like CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. The unscripted (or semi-scripted) show might run along the lines of Survivor, or it might be a talk show, such as Late Night and Live with Regis and Kelly. Through the years, the talk show format has become extremely popular. One of the reasons for so many talk shows is that the cost to produce them is relatively low. While a typical scripted television series runs about a million dollars per episode, a talk show costs around $100,000 per episode to produce, making it a much more attractive investment from a studio standpoint.

When it comes to talk shows, most of us have become used to the informal guest-host format where the host welcomes a celebrity or other newsworthy person to the set for an informal discussion. Other talk shows include local cable broadcasts, where the host (or hosts) interviews someone in the news or an expert in a given field.

According to television talk show expert Thomas Tennant, there are two elements that make for a good talk show: the host and the “live” element. While not every talk show has an Oprah or Larry King manning the ship, having an engaging professional person to ask the right questions makes all the difference in the audience’s willingness to watch. Whether the broadcast is actually live or pre-recorded, it still needs to have a fresh feel about it, as if the show is happening in the moment, even if it’s re-run for years to come.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be on a talk show? For many of us, it seems like a pipe dream. After all, only a few select people ever really have the opportunity to get their 15 minutes of fame, despite Andy Warhol’s promise.

The Internet has made things possible that were once only reserved for the rich and famous, including that 15 minutes of fame. In fact, done right, web video can give you a lifetime of fame with prospects and clients, and an unmatched marketing ROI.

Television audiences who used to gather around a box in their living room at a specific time to watch a show are turning to the Internet to watch shows. Now, instead of making an appointment to watch, they can decide with the click of a mouse when, where, and what shows or videos to watch. And most importantly, as a business owner, you too can make yourself more visible and more accessible, engaging, and credible than ever before by using the same technology. Not only can you put your business out there in front of your audience without regard to time or the permission of some television executive, you can do it without the $100,000+ price tag. In fact, web video promotion is so affordable that it’s now within the reach of even a small business.

Emerging production companies with Internet prowess have overcome the obstacles associated with producing television talk shows by incorporating new technologies, virtual sets, and procedures that give any business an opportunity to showcase their expertise on an industry-specific Web TV talk show.

After years of watching cheesy infomercials on television, you might be wondering about credibility. And frankly, appearing in a poorly produced web video can hurt your credibility as much as a thrown-together infomercial on late night TV. This is where a professional production team can help by doing the heavy lifting in the background. Being interviewed on your own web TV show can present you as an expert or thought leader in your industry and enhance your credibility many times over. Even better, once produced, the show segments can be added to your website and redistributed over and over on multiple video channels, blogs, and social networking sites.

While buying time on the television airwaves can be effective if you have a substantial budget to support it, broadcasting online is far less expensive and the outlets for it are growing daily, offering unmatched local and worldwide exposure. Being a knowledgeable guest on a web TV talk show brings value to the show and its audience, but just as important, it gives you, the guest, an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your expertise as a thought leader all across the web.

Where else can you get face to face with your target market with so few barriers? Web TV gives you the kind of credibility boost and visibility that were once only possible via traditional – and very costly – broadcast television. Now, as the web and television converge into a single marketing powerhouse, every professional can become the star of his or her own business show, leveraging all the benefits of traditional television for a whole lot less money.

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Will Pop Up Displays Help Me Present My Business More Effectively

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One of the most important decisions you can make with regards to trade shows is your pop up displays. Disaster can strike if something goes wrong with your booth, this will also mean you risk losing money and effort that you have spent setting up. Pop up displays are a reliable and professional way to add prestige to your booth.

Displays are assembled by using a metal frame that is usual lightweight for manoeuvrability and this is then cover with fabric or a fabric like material with your advertising message printed on. The first thing you need to consider is size. The starter size for pop up displays is usually eight feet wide. This can be expanded up to 20 feet for larger booths. If you attend shows with varying booth sizes then it would be recommended to either purchase a selection of size, or if you are on a tighter budget, the smallest size so it can fit into any show you visit.

Displays also come in different shapes. A right-angled display with a curved corner can give your booth a nice continuous background and make the most of a small exhibit. For added privacy or an even more striking effect when visiting shows with bigger booth, you may want to consider double-sided displays which can fill up your space giving you booth a professional feel and also providing you with some privacy for talking with potential clients.

The best pop up displays should be able to be easily assembled without the need for tools. Constructing a display that will only be up for one day is a waste of time. The graphic panel can be attached to the frame with magnets or by a spring-loaded roller. The whole display can be packed away into a small case. Look at the collapsed size. It should be small enough to take onto an airplane as carry-on luggage. By carrying your displays on your person, you can ensure that the risk of damage or theft is minimised.

Flexi-plastic or fabric will usually be used to display your message on your pop up displays. Have a look at some material sample before ordering your prints to make sure you are getting the professional look for you pop up displays. The end results should be bright, colourful and professionally presented. It is a good idea to make sure your displays can be seen from a distance, to do this choose big bold fonts and pictures and lively colours.

If you have good pop up displays you should be able to use them in a diverse range of situations. Practically anywhere can be transformed with the use of good pop up displays. Be prepared for your next trade show by choosing the right design for your pop up display.

The author of this article is a trade show veteran so knows their stuff when talking about pop up displays [] and the best way to arrange them you booth at conferences and exhibitions.

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A Diagnosis Of Pre-Diabetes Presents An Opportunity

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Every day thousands of people learn that they have pre-diabetes. That knowledge can make people react in different ways. One person’s initial reaction may be panic or worry about what to do next. Another person may be nonchalant and feel “it’s not really that bad!” Whatever the case may be, the person with a pre-diabetes diagnosis is faced with a medical condition that has the potential to be serious. What may be lost in hearing such news, is that having this condition actually presents an opportunity to set things right again.

What exactly is pre-diabetes? It is defined as a state that is between having normal blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. An elevated fasting blood glucose or hemoglobin A1c are reliable indicators for diagnoses. Individuals who are overweight, obese, or have a strong family history of diabetes would be well advised to get screened for diabetes. Those who already have this condition are at increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Recent data from the National Diabetes Fact Sheet suggests that there are now an estimated 57 million Americans with pre-diabetes. Left untreated, pre-diabetes can progress to full blown diabetes. Once a person has diabetes, there is significant potential for complications and negative alterations in well-being. Diabetes is not a reversible condition.

Instead of panic, or worse yet, ignoring the situation entirely, quick action is what really counts. The decision to take action early in one’s diagnosis of pre-diabetes is where the opportunity lies to do something really worthwhile: that is, if you begin to make positive lifestyle changes right away, you may be able to reverse the pre-diabetes and prevent diabetes altogether! The more you understand about the condition and what works to reverse it, the easier it will be to work on targeted lifestyle changes.

Making lifestyle changes involves a systematic approach to diet, exercise, stress management and healthy sleep habits. Work with someone who is trained to help you plan that systematic approach. Be selective about who you work with and where you get your pre-diabetes information. While there are literally thousands of sources (online and offline) out there ready to give you advice, look for information that comes from established, reputable organizations or credentialed professionals. The American Diabetes Association and The American Association of Diabetes Educators are good places to start your search. Whenever possible, choose to work with a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Successfully treating pre-diabetes includes a well thought out wellness and lifestyle plan, with tangible goals that you work on, one goal at a time. So what’s the most important thing to do first? Decide to tackle the problem quickly. Pre-diabetes is often reversible, so use this opportunity to rid yourself of this condition.

© 2012, Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE. Publication rights granted to all venues so long as article and by-line are reprinted intact and all links are made live.

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How to Buy Politically Correct Presents For Toddlers

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How the world is changing and in some ways so fast, yet for the good and other ways that are definitely dubious. Did you know that nursery rhymes that have been the staple of generations of children are now being doctored. In Oxfordshire, England, children are no longer singing “baa baa, black sheep”, instead they are being taught to sing “baa baa, rainbow sheep.” Naturally this is based upon the political correctness which surrounds equal opportunities. They have also changed the ending of Humpty Dumpty so that the children will not feel sad, and Snow White has had to lose her seven dwarfs as well.

Whether you are a believer in these changes or you feel it is taking things a bit far, one thing is for sure political correctness is taking over. Political correctness has seeped its way through society making lots of positive changes but perhaps also making people a little over-sensitive in some cases. But as it appears to be here to stay this is a guide to buy presents which will be sure to be politically correct and pleasing at the same time.

When buying presents for the friend of your child, scenario of a lovely toddlers birthday party, you will want your child’s gift to stand out but not for the wrong reasons. Realise that it is not just a present for the birthday girl or boy, but their parents will likely review all the presents as well. Looking at gifts for toddlers, there are great options such as traditional colourful wooden toys that are safe, entertaining and maybe even educational.

What about a nice teddy bear music box which is handcrafted, where the teddy bears are sitting on a see-saw rocking to the music “When you wish upon a star”. This is great for helping the toddler go off to sleep and makes a perfectly politically correct present. Alternatively wooden animal skittles which are also handcrafted and colourful. These contain a dog, cat, zebra, frog, lion and mouse.

There are lovely wooden push alongs which are hand painted in bright colours. Take for example the yellow duck with lots of colourful wooden beads, which clacks cutely as it moves around. There is a wooden cow push along, the wooden dog push along, wooden fairy push along or a wooden ladybird push along.

Parents are normally very happy to see their children being encouraged to read. Wooden bookends make a decorative and practical present, taking for example these great blue wooden aeroplane bookends which are hand painted. They will brighten up any room and are also suitable for cds and dvds. Alternatively there are wooden fairy bookends, with the cheerful looking fairies holding up their wands ready to do some magic!

For toddlers of three years and upwards, actually for children of all ages, there are children’s wigwams. These come in cowboy and Indians, as well as fairy wigwams. Presents that encourage creativity and fun roleplay, while giving the child a new space of their own. Buying presents like these gives lots of pleasure while being politically correct.

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Exhibition Stands Advice: Engage Your Exhibition Visitors With These Presentation Tips

Jun 13 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Design your presentation well ahead of time

A great presentation requires a lot of work, so start preparing your content immediately after you decide to participate. Try to make it interesting and relevant to both, your exhibition stand presence and your company, to attract positive attention. Moreover, make it entertaining, so that the exhibits audience gains a memorable experience.

Promote your presentation

Start promoting your presentation well before the exhibition or event through blog posts, newsletters, social media and any other possible venues. This will publicise the event and promote your exhibition stand presence. Unless you will be conducting the first presentation, use your time wisely during the event and continue promoting your upcoming presentation.

Elevation would create more effect

Check out the presentation area ahead of the event to make sure that it is elevated for greater impact. If not, then make your own arrangements, such as a stool or a few crates, something that makes you visible to other visitors beyond the immediate crowd gathered to watch you perform. More people will be able to see you and recognise you at your both later.

Make good use of lighting

Colourful or well-placed lighting can draw attention to your presentation, somewhat like a spotlight. For a dramatic start, flicker it on and off as a signal that you are about to begin. Position the lights to focus exhibition booths after the presentation.

Use multimedia

Incorporating multimedia can help in highlighting the main points of your presentation. Remember that your words and the information you present are the most important parts of the presentation, but adding an element of humour can make the experience memorable and interesting. Use your multimedia to add imaginative graphics that emphasize your special points.

Involve the audience

Wherever possible, involve your audience during the presentation, because an interactive activity is more lively than a speaker going on and on about any subject. Keep in mind that your purpose here is to make this a memorable part of the trade show. The interactive segments will put the audience at ease and make them receptive to your products and services. More people are likely to visit your trade show display after an engaging presentation.

Keep it short

To create the maximum impact, keep the presentation short and focused on your main points, maybe three or four. Your slot may only be a few minutes, with distractions all around. Get the most benefit from this opportunity and create the desire in them to visit your booth where you can discuss your offerings in detail.

Plan your staff placements

Use your team members effectively by placing them strategically within the presentation audience. They must be ready with relevant literature, business cards and information sheets and a brief verbal message to enhance the connection you have established with the audience.

For more professional advice of exhibits and events participation, always consult with a professional exhibition stand contractor.

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