How to Buy Politically Correct Presents For Toddlers

How the world is changing and in some ways so fast, yet for the good and other ways that are definitely dubious. Did you know that nursery rhymes that have been the staple of generations of children are now being doctored. In Oxfordshire, England, children are no longer singing “baa baa, black sheep”, instead they are being taught to sing “baa baa, rainbow sheep.” Naturally this is based upon the political correctness which surrounds equal opportunities. They have also changed the ending of Humpty Dumpty so that the children will not feel sad, and Snow White has had to lose her seven dwarfs as well.

Whether you are a believer in these changes or you feel it is taking things a bit far, one thing is for sure political correctness is taking over. Political correctness has seeped its way through society making lots of positive changes but perhaps also making people a little over-sensitive in some cases. But as it appears to be here to stay this is a guide to buy presents which will be sure to be politically correct and pleasing at the same time.

When buying presents for the friend of your child, scenario of a lovely toddlers birthday party, you will want your child’s gift to stand out but not for the wrong reasons. Realise that it is not just a present for the birthday girl or boy, but their parents will likely review all the presents as well. Looking at gifts for toddlers, there are great options such as traditional colourful wooden toys that are safe, entertaining and maybe even educational.

What about a nice teddy bear music box which is handcrafted, where the teddy bears are sitting on a see-saw rocking to the music “When you wish upon a star”. This is great for helping the toddler go off to sleep and makes a perfectly politically correct present. Alternatively wooden animal skittles which are also handcrafted and colourful. These contain a dog, cat, zebra, frog, lion and mouse.

There are lovely wooden push alongs which are hand painted in bright colours. Take for example the yellow duck with lots of colourful wooden beads, which clacks cutely as it moves around. There is a wooden cow push along, the wooden dog push along, wooden fairy push along or a wooden ladybird push along.

Parents are normally very happy to see their children being encouraged to read. Wooden bookends make a decorative and practical present, taking for example these great blue wooden aeroplane bookends which are hand painted. They will brighten up any room and are also suitable for cds and dvds. Alternatively there are wooden fairy bookends, with the cheerful looking fairies holding up their wands ready to do some magic!

For toddlers of three years and upwards, actually for children of all ages, there are children’s wigwams. These come in cowboy and Indians, as well as fairy wigwams. Presents that encourage creativity and fun roleplay, while giving the child a new space of their own. Buying presents like these gives lots of pleasure while being politically correct.

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