Exhibition Stands Advice: Engage Your Exhibition Visitors With These Presentation Tips

Design your presentation well ahead of time

A great presentation requires a lot of work, so start preparing your content immediately after you decide to participate. Try to make it interesting and relevant to both, your exhibition stand presence and your company, to attract positive attention. Moreover, make it entertaining, so that the exhibits audience gains a memorable experience.

Promote your presentation

Start promoting your presentation well before the exhibition or event through blog posts, newsletters, social media and any other possible venues. This will publicise the event and promote your exhibition stand presence. Unless you will be conducting the first presentation, use your time wisely during the event and continue promoting your upcoming presentation.

Elevation would create more effect

Check out the presentation area ahead of the event to make sure that it is elevated for greater impact. If not, then make your own arrangements, such as a stool or a few crates, something that makes you visible to other visitors beyond the immediate crowd gathered to watch you perform. More people will be able to see you and recognise you at your both later.

Make good use of lighting

Colourful or well-placed lighting can draw attention to your presentation, somewhat like a spotlight. For a dramatic start, flicker it on and off as a signal that you are about to begin. Position the lights to focus exhibition booths after the presentation.

Use multimedia

Incorporating multimedia can help in highlighting the main points of your presentation. Remember that your words and the information you present are the most important parts of the presentation, but adding an element of humour can make the experience memorable and interesting. Use your multimedia to add imaginative graphics that emphasize your special points.

Involve the audience

Wherever possible, involve your audience during the presentation, because an interactive activity is more lively than a speaker going on and on about any subject. Keep in mind that your purpose here is to make this a memorable part of the trade show. The interactive segments will put the audience at ease and make them receptive to your products and services. More people are likely to visit your trade show display after an engaging presentation.

Keep it short

To create the maximum impact, keep the presentation short and focused on your main points, maybe three or four. Your slot may only be a few minutes, with distractions all around. Get the most benefit from this opportunity and create the desire in them to visit your booth where you can discuss your offerings in detail.

Plan your staff placements

Use your team members effectively by placing them strategically within the presentation audience. They must be ready with relevant literature, business cards and information sheets and a brief verbal message to enhance the connection you have established with the audience.

For more professional advice of exhibits and events participation, always consult with a professional exhibition stand contractor.

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